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Sunday, May 29, 2011

52 Days to go, thank you, and ethics of photography

Well, I have 52 days to go before my Kickstarter campaign ends. If you are interested in donating or know anyone that might be interested in donating some money to the campaign, please have them go to either this link

or simply and the type in the KEYWORD: NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN JAPAN.

I also would like to thank the following people again for spreading the word out about my project as well as their support and suggestions:

Amalia Rosenblum
Chryssanthie Rapsomaniki
Mary Karatza
Kristina Nekyia
Marina Demitri Yele
Zy Baig
Jeff Marinelli
William Rosenblum

All of these people have been helping with suggestions and giving me all kinds of advice and support in regards to Marketing, Sponsorships, and general ideas as how to get more people to visit my site and raise funds. They have also been crucial in spreading and promoting my project on Facebook and amongst their colleagues and friends. Thank you.

Yesterday it was pointed out to me by a photographer that I did not site each and every picture in my video, even though I did give credit at the end to the respective news services. This has now been rectified. There are credits on every picture, a disclaimer at the beginning of my Video, and three pages of photography credits at the end. Please understand it was not my intention to deceive anyone. I was simply using the press as a medium to introduce the subject. My project has never been about me but about the fact that the Japanese are truly suffering and are being forgotten as a result of other stories, some as important and some simply frivolous. It was not my intention ever to take credit for work that is not mine. I believe in the ethics of my profession and value the work of my colleagues. Personally, I have never had a problem with anyone using one of my photographs to raise funds or create awareness. My work recently was used in a Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser two weeks ago. As a photographer it is always an honor to see that my work is out in the public creating awareness. Thank you.

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