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Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to My Dedicated Japanese NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN POST

This post has been created to update the general public as well as my supporters about the NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN Book project I am undertaking in Late July through August 2011. The project itself is a photography book about the people of Japan their amazing inner strength and fortitude to rise above in difficult situations in the aftermath of the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear crisis they are experiencing at present. My future images will reflect what is occurring in Japan at present and how they are dealing with social, government, infrastructure and basic issues.

Some issues that will be addressed in my photography will be:
- displaced children with parents still missing presumed dead.
- The elderly and mentally and physically disabled .
- Unemployment is crucial. A good portion of the people displaced and effected worked in farming, fishing, and local businesses.
- The farmland once fertile with the best rice in Japan, is now useless for the next 3-5 years due to the salt content in the soil as a result of the Tsunami.
- Rebuilding the infrastructure so basic services can be put back in place.
-The quelling of rumors in relation to the nuclear plants that have created mass hysteria.

While the disaster may be finished for the world it will continue for the Japanese people over the next few years. It will become more complex and difficult. Over the next few days I will begin a financial campaign in to raise the necessary funds for this project. Thank you.

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