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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

9 Days, TEPCO, and a positive note from Lady Gaga?

I have nine days of training left before I leave to Japan. And while, many I am sure are questioning why I am up so early in Los Angeles, 4:30AM. The answer is simple. This will be the time I will be typically starting my day in Japan.  This will be my personal time before I start my day in Japan before I begin to walk.  I was asked why,  the other day by a friend? Why Japan?  Why are you putting yourself in harms way? First off, I don't consider putting myself in harms way. I have had almost 4 months of physical preparation as well as mental and spiritual.  Almost a month ago, I began taking Homeopathic supplements in addition to my green diet that I have always been on.  When the earthquake occurred I was on my way to Greece for work. The more I saw of the tragedy the more I wanted to help. And finally it was a chance encounter with some Japanese Nationals at the Chateau Marmont that made me swing into action after I realized that I had the experience and knowledge to make the difference through my craft as a photographer.  I embrace the Kiunza that Japan people have shown me through their support for my project here and abroad.  It is my responsibility to photograph and document their inner strength and integrity with honesty, respect, and valor. For these are some of the attributes that the Japanese have shown the world through their actions. And while I may be American of Mexican/European Descent, I am a citizen of this world first who embraces the idea that we are all equals and deserve the same respect and love.

Yesterday evening, I spoke with TEPCO, Horikawa-san, my contact is trying to arrange a tour of the nuclear facilities for me. I think it is important that we embrace all aspects of the project and have a full understanding of the situation. TEPCO has actually aided it's people and closely monitored the situation in away that all companies should emulate.  They have gone above and beyond their duties to accommodate the affected people within the region by providing the necessary resources and restitutions to aide on the recovery of the tragedy.

Lady Gaga holds a Japanese doll at a news conference in Tokyo. In an online video shot before appearing at a benefit concert for victims of the March earthquake and tsunami, she says: “I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan … is very safe." (Issei Kato, Reuters / July 26, 2011)
And finally, Lady Gaga.  I read a positive article in the times today that spoke about the importance of travel to Japan.  For the full article please check out the LA TIMES website.

Well, it's time for me to go train.  I look forward to keeping all of you that are following my blog informed about the project. Please spread the word about NOT TO FORGOTTEN. I will be posting bi-weekly as I am walking through the Northeastern coast of Japan.

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