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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More news from S. in Japan

This was sent to me last Friday by S. . I cannot begin to tell you how important my journey is. Over 80% of the locations I requested to visit that S. looked into for me are in very bad shape.  On top of that I read an article today in TIME Magazine about a man still looking for his family 4 months after the earthquake just so that he can have closure.

On Jul 15, 2011, at 5:54 PM, 小野清一郎 wrote:

Dear Mark Paul,

1) I’ve got further information to let you know.

9. FutabaYou can’t approach there at all right now.
All people have already taken refuge to Nihonmatsu city or Date city.
I couldn’t be informed where the refugee bases are in those cities.

10. Namie
Same to #9.
 The People must be surviving somewhere in Nihonmatsu city or Date city.

13. Soma
Minami-soma which means south of Soma, is destroyed badly.
14. Shinchi
I heard this’s terrible, too.
16. Witarit
I wonder if it means Watari.
Watari is bad, too.

22. Matshushima
Higashi-Matsushima which means east of Matsushima is terrible, too.
23. Yamoto
I think it must be Yamamoto, ‘cus heard Yamamoto is terrible.
24. Ishinomaki
30. Kesenuma
31. Rikuzentakada
32. Ofunato
These are terrible.
33. Sanriku
Minami-Sanriku that means south of Sanriku as you know, is terrible.
34. KamaishiYou should check it up.
35. Otushi
I think it maybe Otsuchi.
You should check Otsuchi up.
37. Todogasaki
38. Miyako
39. Taro
40. Tanohata
41. Kuji
42. Taneichi
43. Hachiohe
44. Homoishi
45. Misawa
These should be checked by you.

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