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Friday, July 22, 2011

Preparation: Equipment and a special thanks....

Well, in less than 14 days I will be in Japan, and in sixteen days I will begin my trek. I have had a few questions about what you take on a 300 Mile + walk. (+ if I included the walking I will be doing in each District as I photograph the area.)  Below is a picture of most my equipment. With and exception of the Camera, lens, computer, iphone and combat boot everything else was donated. Special thanks to LowePro, Planet Minerals, Distant Lands, ExOfficio, SteriPen, Fleet Feet Sports.

 Here is my list:


Camera Equipment, etc. :
Camera- Nikon D200
Lens Nikon Nikkor 80-200 F2.8, Nikkor 25-85 ED 3.5, Nikkor 18-35 F 3.5
Nikon Flash Speedlight SB800
Manfroto Monopod
Manfroto Tripod
SanDisk SD Cards
Apple IBook
Apple Iphone
Oliver People Aviator glasses with UV protection
Combat Boots
Map of Japan
Donated Equipment
Outback 300AW Bag
Photo Sport Backpack
S&F Technical Vest
S&F Deluxe Technical Belt
S&F Utility Bag 100AW

Planet Minerals
Health Supplements for Radiation Prevention
Wellness by Earth
Mega Humic & Fulvic
Mineral Skin Spray

Clothing Provide by Distant Lands and ExOfficio
(2) Long Sleeve Shirts
(2) Pants
(2) T Shirts
(4) Underwear
(1) Jacket

SteriPen Portable Water Purifier

Fleet Feet Sports
-ASICS Kayanos 17
-(3) Balga Socks
-T shirt

Supplies still needed

Macbook Aluminum Computer
Geiger Counter
50mm Nikon Lens
Solar Battery charger pack
GPS System
Tent (Light weight)
Light weight sleeping bag
Medical Aid Kit
Head light

And finally I'd like to give a special thanks to my trainer. Most of you don't know her. Marie Antoinette "Marie" is a very special Maltese Terrier who I adopted last year when she was few months old. She is the best dog in the world and wakes me up every morning and goes to train with me for 2 hours.  She too, does 7-10 miles a day and is fierce in the way she does it. But most importantly she is pure love and support.  I felt it was important to acknowledge her.  She is a constant reminder to me that not only human beings were affected by the Japanese tragedy but so were our loyal companions and their friends who also share the earth with us.

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