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Friday, August 19, 2011

1/3 done with Trip.... Over 100 Miles (120 KM) and more to come... The First of three Updates today.

August 20th, 2011 (Japan Time)

I have covered over 100 miles. And depending on who you ask or where I am it can possibly be up to 150 Miles. (It is a little hard to figure out)

So how have things been.... We'll that is not really hard to answer. They have been well. Blessed you can say. My days have been filled with many new people and places. (I have placed a specific area on my Facebook site dedicated to new friends... if anyone is interested in seeing all the amazing people I have met and who have helped along the way just click on  Friends from Japan)

And yet strangely enough, I have felt that I have not done enough.  Today I was IM with a friend in Fukushima who was arrested a few days ago for saving the lives of animals. (Will be writing another blog later today dedicated to activism and change)  Three days ago I met a man who has dedicated his retirement  to volunteering and has spent the last 4 months helping out and sleeping on a Chapel floor in Miyako.  He is working with a group called CARITAS JAPAN who organize groups of volunteers to go out and help others. One thing I should note that most of these volunteers who are helping out in the area are doing this on their one or two weeks vacation time. Yes, you heard me right, as opposed to visiting another country or taking  a traditional vacation they have chosen to work as a volunteer and help heal their country. 

 I thank you all for your support but as I said there is much more to do. And I am doing all I can to make sure that these people and others are brought into the forefront of this project and seen as the real heroes of Japan. More to come later today. Please stay tuned.

Mr. Takeda. Retiree who has dedicated the last 4 months to helping others in Miyako.

Miyako Volunteer Center. Team Leader Kubota Hiroyuki handing out information packets.

Father Yo Bazaki from Sapporo, Japan at Volunteer Cafe.

Volunteers at Carita's Cafe Center at local Refugee Camp. (Clockwise Father Masahiro Uesugi from Sapporo, Yoshimi Yasui from Kanagawa, Seminarian Kenichi Sato from Tokyo, Mako Shiraishu from Miyako, Atsuko Nishida from Sapporo, Megumi Tanaka from Sapporo, Mr. Shunichi Takeda from Sapporo, and Yoshitaka Ooi Miyako.

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