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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leaving Day and My Many Thanks to all of my supporters...

While I have been given quite a bit of credit and praise for what I have accomplished so far and what I am about to do, I want to clarify one thing.  I did not do this alone. If anything, since day one I was given support by an amazing group of people. It started with one, then two, and then so many that I could no longer keep track of them with my fingers and toes. Contrary to what many believe, I am not an army of one, I am simply one of many who care about Japan, who care about the United States and Europe, and who care especially about the other humans and non-humans that share our planet. Thank you. Below is a list of my contributors and how they were a part of this project. It is no order of importance, simply a list that comes to mind. If I left you out please email me and I will edit and add to this list as I can.

Amalia Rosenblum Baker --- My Mother, I approached you first, with slight reservation, and you looked at me with love, and told me that you were 100% behind me.  And in your eyes I saw all that I needed to know. Everything is possible as long as you believe. Thank you for your patience and love. Enjoy the Bat Computer.

Chryssanthie Rapsomankis ---- You are my family. You are my sister and one of my best friends. Thank you. There is so many words that can not even begin to describe your altruism and care. You are a constant reminder to me of all the good in humanity and that all is possible when  humility is as important as the confidence that God has bestowed upon us.  

William Rudy Rosenblum --- My Brother. You know me better than anyone. Thank you for always keeping me focussed and reminded that FAITH... is as pure as love. 

Socorro Cooper- My Aunt and Second Mother. Thank you Mom for reminding me how precious every moment my life is and how important it is to be part of a family.

Eleanor Rosenblum Ball ---- My Older sister, I know you sometimes belief my methods are unorthodox but you also never doubt what I can achieve. Thank you.

Caroline Cooper Grade --- Your my baby sister. You'll always be my baby sister. But your also the voice of reason in my life. And remind me everyday that inner strength is about showing up not thinking about it.

Gary Baker--- Thank you for taking such good care of my Mother and being there when I cannot. That in itself is the biggest support I can ever ask for from another person. It makes me feel secure that she will always be alright.

Zy Baig (Founder/Director) Teens Beyond Boundaries, Zy thank you for believing in me since day one.  Thank you for contacting and treating this project as your own. You are one in a million. You are one of my best friends, mentors, and simply Grace. If Kuan Yin, took form she would come back as you. Thank you and many blessings.

Dr. Isidore Kwaw, Isidore thank you for the check ups and making sure that Physically I am fit to do this kind of trek. Thank you also for your divine friendship and support. We need take more road trips. They really make me laugh.

Harumi Yoshiike - (Former Vice President Business Development Luxe Worldwide Hotels) Thank you for aiding me on my journey. Not only have you put your belief in me, but also done so much by making sure that I am taken cared of in Japan. Thank you also for feeding me at your restaurant and taking the time to share your family with me. Please tell Yashi and Joyce thank your for their hospitality. You are family. Thank you.

Seiichiro Ono - Thank you for all of your support and friendship. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and kindness.  I look forward to doing your family portrait when I return .

Mary Karatza (the Switch) What can I say, thank you for your belief in me.  There is so much more… and for right now. I'm at a loss of words. Efharesto.

Dorothea Paschalidou Thank you for all of your support and being an amazing producer I hope you will like the footage.

Susie Ogihara (Panasonic) Are meeting made the difference. Thank you for the wonderful introductions and care. Thank you for the Blu-Ray Player for the Raffle. You are an amazing individual. I will be wearing the Panasonic Hat in solidarity with my friends and family at Panasonic.

Justin Valle (Panasonic) Justin, you were the catalyst. You made the difference. I am here today because you accepted my call and believed in me as a friend.  Thank you. I think the Pirate Disc was tougher that this. 

Yoshiro Mori-san (Pansonic) Mori-san thank you for taking the time to meet with me and listen.  You have always been a great mentor and teacher. I have learned so much from you about being  a good leader and the importance of humility and strength. Your work ethic is unmatched and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you at Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories.

Jeff Marinelli (Art and Living Magazine) You more than anyone have taught me the meaning of focus and perseverance. Thank you for all of your support.

Kate Holt (International Medcom)Thank you for providing me with the geiger counter to measure radiation. It is one of the most cherished possessions I will be taking with me. And thank you once again for allowing me to be able to donate the geiger counter to a local group.

Mrs. Koike, Yukie Ishizaka and Miki Kaneko(Kitano Arms) Thank you for your hospitality and providing me a complimentary stay while in Tokyo. You have an amazing staff and excellent amenities. I could not have asked for a better home a way from home and a place to prepare my journey.

Fred Nicholas (Hapsmith Company) Thank you for teaching me that true courage comes from taking a risk and making a difference in the life of others.

Sharon Sacks (Planet Minerals) thank you for providing me with your supplements and your generous spirit. I feel 100% more secure knowing that I have supplements that will counter any type of poisoning.

Suzanne Knowlton, (LowePro- Camera carrying cases, Vest and utility belt.)  I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to have your products. They have already made all the difference. 

Michael Schrager , The Entertainment Marketing Company, Thank you for talking to LowePro on my behalf and helping a local photographer with such an amazing project. You're the best!!!!

Michelle Franco (Samy's Camera) Thank you for talking to Sam and donating a gift certificate for the project.  I can always count on you for the best camera support in the business.

Brian Pridgeon and Amy Huang (SanDisk) Thank you for supplying me with CF cards I look forward to being part of the Extreme Team family of photographers.

Christine Hugo (ExOfficio) thank you for the generous clothing donation. It is making all the difference in the world.

Karen, Richard (Gold's Gym) Thank you for allowing me a one month complimentary pass to train and prepare for the project.

Trey Barnes and Jason Wells (Fleet Street Sports) thank you for providing me with the ASIC Kayanos and Socks.  They are a masterful pair of shoes.

Susan (Distant Lands) Thank you and your Husband for the clothing donation, water purifier, and maps. I look forward to lecturing at your location upon my return.

Rick De Spiro- Thank you for your support and belief in me. And thank you for mentioning the Geiger Counter it will make all the difference.

Wendy Anderson. Thank you for all of your support I look forward to speaking about my experiences the Cherry Blossom Festival next year.

Keoni Wagner,  Michelle Parish, and Patrick Dugan. (Hawaiian Airlines) Thank you for taking the time to listen to me about my project. I look forward to your feedback and the possibility of working closely with you in the future.

Nancy Matsui (American Airlines) Thank you for taking the time to call and introduce me to Yukari Ibe. She was able to get an extraordinary price on the ticket. Thank you for considering the project.

Kana Makino- Thank you for your support and allowing me to work on behalf of your nonprofit.

Kristina Nekyia --- You were one of my first friends to sign on and back me up back when I thought I had a lick of a chance on kickstarter. Thank you for your support and belief. Thank you for providing the world with your art. There needs to be more people like you... Multi-talented and worldly.

Steven Espinosa and Uma - Thank you for the gift certificate and being a true friend. 

Dana--- Hotel De Ville (Picture Framer) Thank you for framing my prints. I look forward to working with you on an amazing finish for NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN

Joseph Cordova and Gabriela (The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada) Thank you for feeding me and supporting my cause.

Larissa Karaw- without you I would be lost without translation. Thank you for all the books. They have helped me immensely.

Lisa Gianni -Thank you for all of your support and being there for me when things got a little rocky.

George Germandes (Mirabelle) Thank you for your endless generosity.

Robert Gary Bryan- Thank you for suggesting Jibbigio. It has been a real life saver and excellent in every way.

Lisa Grezo- Thank you for contacting your friends in Tokyo

J Karen Thomas and Colette Divine -  Thank your for your gift certificates and wonderful music at the fundraiser. J Karen, I think I may have found the cable for the camera.

Van Tassell -Thank you of for your belief in me and support.

Father Joe Girzone - Thank you for you spiritual support.

The following people have generously made monetary donation to support the campaign. Thank you. I will be sending a picture from the road.

Konstantinos Mousoulis - Thank you for your support and help with the Video.
Marina Demitra Yele 
Robert Staehlin 
OverFlow Cafe 
Barbara Quayle 
Narina Sokolova
Christina Apostolidou Cohen 
Patti Negri - Thank you for you support. Thank you for helping me find a sub letter.
Gabriela - thank you for introducing me to the Sharon and helping find a sub letter.
Mareen Lynne Fields - 
Patrick and Doreen Butler
Makoto Akiyama
Christina A. Karagias
Christian Winther
Meridith Haley
Masayo Sugimoto -Thank you for all your help and light.
Ron- Shumei Center
Yuko Ijichi 
AKiko Arai
Tom & Bonnie Jacquemin (photographer in Oregon)  
Philip & Barbara Ito 
Sherry Kawabe-
Daniel Villanueva
Mimi Kato- 
Yuichi Imasoto
Kimiyuka Ikeda
Daniel Villanueva

The journey begins with a step and a prayer.
©2011 Mark Paul Photography All rights reserved.

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