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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Night at the Capital Hotel in Rikuzen-Takada City

I also would like to send a note to my sponsors and any person that donated money for the walkathon. I am still walking but have decided to limit the amount of pictures I send until I return to Tokyo. I have already taken over 8,000 pictures and done six interviews within the last three weeks. Unfortunately, the blog and specific project related emails take priority.  Due to the size of the files I am unable to spend more that a few minutes sending pictures. At 10 Plus miles a day (I actually found out it is 500 MILES that I am covering) I do not have to much time to be sending photographs. I will be doing so when I return to the Tokyo on Septemeber 25th. Thank you.

Now for the blog. ….

First off, I’d like to apologize about the blog being so sporadic and not being bi-weekly as promised. Many of the areas that I am in lack internet, and some even have trouble picking up a phone line.. In Rikuzen Takada for instance the area was so devastated that I had no choice but to stay on the  6th floor of an abandoned hotel.

So Here is my little story..... When I arrived to Rikuzen Takada I was overwhelmed by the fact that there weren't any camping grounds or places to stay. There wasn't anything left of the city other than destruction and a few abandoned buildings. It was getting dark so I decided to enter a hotel and spend the night in somewhat luxury. There were actual blankets, and amenities that you would  find in a working hotel.

I geared up....

  Took one last look around to make sure I did not leave anything behind.

Only to find a large swarm of Police gathering....

I make my way out of the hotel....

Found a real pearl diamond choker on the way out....

 I begin to walk across the street only to be noticed by... 

Two Police Officers. Now I've been told that the police in Rikuzen Takada are the toughest since the disaster.  I decide to do what any person would do in this situation...

I approach them and make friends.

I also offered police the Necklace. They told me to take pearlsto the police station which is two hour walk west. I decide that I will find a person worthy of the necklace and have them give it to their mother. The pearls should stay in Japan.  (The police man I took the picture with told me the likelihood of it being returned was next to none.)

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