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Saturday, August 13, 2011

NODA Preview and a Facebook conversation...

Good Day all, it is too hard to keep up with everyone's time zone. It's 5:53 AM in Noda, Japan. And It's day two of the Obon Holiday. Today I will be taking pictures of the Temple Ceremonies and spending an entire day with a family as they got through each designated ritual. I will be posting more pictures as I can.

A house washed away by the powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami is seen stuck at a torii, a gate of a shrine, in Noda village, northern Japan
Picture: AP

But for now, here is a conversation I had with my friend Patti Negri in Los Angeles via Facebook. It is quite telling of the current situation in Japan.


hi Patti...greetings from Japan
Hey - HI! Hows it going so far?

Very well have covered almost 50 miles and have been very busy
15 hour days
but content with the progress.

Very cool my friend.
Is it what you expected?

Yes and no
Some places you can't even tell it was destroyed. They literally repaired new buildings in less than 2 months and the people are very present

Wow - that is impressive!
IN other places like where I am today, {NODA} it is heart breaking
of a population of 5000 people over 1/5 of the people died****
and the devastation is very evident

Wow - that is unbelievably sad. What do you think the differencein progress in the areas is - is? The people in the area? The government?

the Local government and community really work hard as a team and get things done

thats good!

The National Government is very slow to move as evident by a UNI (Eel) factory in Hirono Town I documented that is barely getting repaired as opposed to other business privately owned that were fixed immediately

The amazing thing is how present the Japanese are and how little animosity they hold toward anyone.
They are so giving and caring
It brings tears into my eyes the generosity they have to offer.

They are basically a gentle people in my observation

yes. and very kind.

*** Please note I was incorrect. About 35-40 People died in Noda, and 500 Homes were destroyed. Still considerable considering the population size.

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