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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ofunato and International Aide.... All Hands Volunteers. THE BIG BLOG Part ONE....

At 41 I have learned  a lot about living but the most important thing I have learned in Japan is to be present at every moment in my life and 

The Unexpected….

Circumstances the last few days led me to an amazing group of International Volunteers called ALL HANDS

What is most impressive is the humility and hard work that this group of people put in everyday , 6 days a week to help the region that they are in to heal itself. In Japan the group is led by Marc Young the Director  of Global Operations.  In Ofunato, Japan Marc has coordinated a group of over 80 volunteers to go out and improve conditions throughout the community.

Each individual volunteer gives 110% of themselves to their projects: And always done with a smile and a passionate “CAN DO” attitude.  None of the individuals are being paid to be in these disaster areas . They are also currently in Minot where the Tornadoes occurred and in Leogone, Haiti where the earthquake occurred in 2010.

Special thanks to:

Marc Young
Satoshi Kitahana
Toby Price
Evan Siegfried
Kim Faith
Christopher Turner
Ranko Fukuta
Grace Ritchey
Catriona “Tree” Statham
Yukiko Yoshida
Brendan Gordon
Becky Manson
Keith Kemp
Chris Zinella
Daiki Tamura
Alan  Foam Leader /New Zealand
Laura  /Wales
Chloe/ Portland
Ryan/ Boston
Nico/ Spain
Nathan California/Utah
Enzo Italy/England
Jacob Liverpool/England
Meg /San Francisco
Catherine /Chicago, IL
Katie/ England

Below are a few pictures of the Volunteers…

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