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Friday, August 19, 2011

Preview 1 ...Fukushima's Exclusion Zone and the Courage of a few

Second Blog of Today...

There are a group of brave men and women will call them TEAM RESCUE who for the past four months have been entering the exclusion zone in Fukushima and rescuing our less fortunate fury and non-furry friends who are trapped in the exclusion zone. Mr. H, their leader,  and his team of rescuers enter the exclusion zone weekly , crossing the blockade and risking their lives to save dogs, cats, and other animals who have either lost their masters or who are in need of care and being removed from the radiated area. Below is an excerpt of a Facebook chat followed by pictures. If you're interested in doing something please contact me directly via Email.  Thank you.

Excerpt of Facebook Conversation:

Good Morning

I am in XXXXX. I am still scheduled to be in Fukushima starting September 21st through the 24th.
We should figure out a place to meet there. I know it is over a month away. But I think it is important to organize before hand.
Have the homeopathic supplementary medicine PLANET MINERALS HELPED helped?

In No-go zone, the guard became very severe.
I was arrested last week, too.

Interesting. Is there another way way to enter.
Wow. How long did they detain you?

turn on foot.
The arrest was several hours.

We then will go by foot. Can we meet possibly in the city before XXXXXX. It would be a lot smarter.
We then can hike in.
We can meet in XXXXX


Sounds good. I will contact you on or before Sunday, September 18th to coordinate. Stay safe my friend. I am still in Iwate making my way to you.

We invade it at night.

I put out light and work for a night vision.

Sounds good. be safe.

Team Rescue 

Pictures of Exclusion Zone Blockade.



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