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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Special Post for Marie and her Animal Friends.... ANIMAL RESCUE IN JAPAN

Most of you know or if you didn't know I am a big animal lover. While I am in no means an activist, I am a concerned parent of a almost two year old puppy and big lover of all animals.  I am pretty much a pescitarian, someone that strictly eats fish.... So WHy bring this up now... Well the next blog is about the ANIMAL RESCUE IN JAPAN

Kesennuma, Japan.

There is an amazing woman Yumi Saito her husband Yoihi-san who are running an exclusive rescue unit shelter to save animals and rehabilitate animals that were effected by the tragedy. This  Animal Relief effort of the  "Mom and Pop" variety  in Kesennuma is called Pad and Tail. PAD AND TAILIt is basically a one person outfit that is supported strictly by volunteers who  help rescue, walk, feed, and give maintenance to domesticated animals who were effected by the earthquake and Tsunami. Below are a few pictures. If you are interested in learning more please email me directly at It is a great little organization and the only one I found in this area that is doing this type of work. For the most part animals are well protected in Japan and owners are very responsible. While I was at PAD AND TAIL. Over five owners came to visit and walk their dogs. 

One thing I should mention is that the goal here is to keep the animals safe while they're masters transition into better housing. Most of their masters had to stay in shelters before moved  to more permanent temporary housing.   I will be posting more pictures later showing a happy dog at his new home with his master. Enjoy!!
Below are a few pictures....

For more information or to volunteer or donate money directly please contact: Yumi Saito at 080-5572-3265

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