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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Leaving tomorrow, Michael, a few days in Tokyo

I will miss Tokyo, it has been an amazing two days... filled with making new friends, meetings, training, and taking care of last minute details....

Tomorrow I begin my journey, and I have to admit… I'm excited!  But I never lose sight that this journey is about healing. And there is so much healing that is needed in our world not just in Japan but in Haiti, Norway, North Dakota, The South, Greece, the Middle East, etc.  

And while we may think we cannot make a difference. We truly are the solution.  My Godson, Michael is proof of it.

Michael is a teacher in Mexico City.  Everyday he travels over 2 hours sometimes by car or metro to teach his students and provide a future not only for his country but the rest of the world as well. I have a few friends that are teachers. One of them will be heading to China within the next few days to teach for two years. I have found the one common trait amongst them is to make a difference. They have an unlingering passion that is unmatched even by the most talented sports figures or ambitious businessman. There passion is contagious and can make all the difference in the life of their students.  

Here is an excerpt from a letter that my Godson Michael wrote me yesterday evening.  

I have been to you website and all I can say is that I feel lucky that such a wonderful person like you has found in his heart and soul the strength to go on this journey.  I feel very proud to know that I carry some of your blood and that I too will find the strength to do something close to what you are doing.  I do not wish you luck because you have always had that on your side,  I wish you peace and endurance for this is a trip that will surely change your life as well as others.

Thank you for reading my blog. Tomorrow the journey begins and the pictures will begin to materialize…



Last picture of me before I checked in at LAX.

Distance from Tokyo, 12 hour flight. Not to bad, Slept through a good portion of it.

In Transit, view Telemonitor in plane.

Closer View

Tokyo Haneda International Airport. I arrived at  4:30AM in the morning... 

Metro in Tokyo as I was heading to my destination,  Kitano Arms Hotel.

Steps to the Hie Shrine.
The Hie Shrine in  in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo or

The Hie Shrine Indoors

The Hie Shrine with Modern Tokyo in Background.
Travel Agents Extraordinaire from JTB Usiwata (In Blue) and Yamamoto (In Purple)
The helped me with my Train ticket.


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