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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week One The first few days and the kindness and generosity of strangers on the Road

Good Morning. Morning in Japan that is  4:14 AM.  Well, what an amazing last few days. I arrived in Hachinohe on Monday night after a grueling 14 hour train ride. On the last part of the ride I literally was unable to get off on the train on time and had to travel almost an hour north before I could turn back. My first night in Hachinohe City was spent in a traditional Japanese Hotel where Japanese tourists stay.  I pretty much collapsed in exhaustion. 14 hours on a train can be tough on anyone. But I will admit it went by pretty fast considering I made two new friends. (I have a dedicated friend album on Facebook if anyone is interested.

On Tuesday Morning I went to the Hachinohe Town office. I was actually surprised how little damage I found in the area. The local town governments really did an amazing job and worked closely hand in hand to with the US Military to clean up the mess and address the issues.  While I was there I was greeted by Sinchero Sakaki an interpreter who spoke to me about the relief and how there were several departments even before the earthquake that were set up to address the needs of the Elderly and Disabled. He said for the most part only the port sections were damaged and that minimal lives were lost in Hachinohe. The majority of the destruction was further south.

I departed the city center, picked up my bags and began to walk... The following is a small sample of the images I saw and photographed...

I apologize if the pictures are somewhat in reverse order. I will do better to rectify the situation. Enjoy!

Lastly Special thank you to Yoichi Nagane and Nagane family for allowing me to stay the night at their home in Hirono Town and for a fabulous dinner of Shashimi, Ramin, Vegetables, and Peaches for dessert. I feel so blessed to have met you all.

Also a special thanks to Hiroko-san the unofficial mayor of Hashikami Town. Thank you for your hospitality and lodging as well. I had an amazing time meeting you and your husband and learning about the city where you live.

More to come over the next few days.

The Road to Hashikame Town

Shurima Beach Local Business rebuilt in two months spaces around  it was where other businesses were.

Vacant lot where Local businesses used to stand

Tanaki family rebuilt place in less than two months and serving summer customers.

Beach pictures

The water is perfectly safe to get into up here.

While the beach was not teeming with people it was quite busy.

Locala and Tourists frolicking at home.

The lone store at the beach.

Slushy with a bit of condensed milk flavoring.... Mmmmmm.

Mr. Tanaki showing me inside area.

Pictures of store right after damage. All this was  rebuilt in less than tow months 

Earthquake damage

New Friends...

Dog hanging out on Beach while owner was actually picking up trash.

Surf Culture ... Japan style Cowabonga

Morning View after camping out on the Beach on second night.

After I built my tent

Home Sweet Home. (temporary home I made)


Shinchiro Sakaki

Disabled Services

Senior Services

Sendai Festival at Train Station

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