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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I did on my Birthday... Photographs from Yamada Town, Ostuchi and Kamaishi City

August 23rd
Japan Time.

First off,  thank you to all of you who have sent Birthday wishes. It was an amazing Birthday full of contentment and serenity.  Here are some pictures taken on my birthday.... I will be limiting my prose over the next few days to catch up with my actual posting of pictures. And to those of you who have donated so graciously, I will be emailing you pictures out over the next few days now that I have internet access.  If your curious I am in Ofunato documenting the work of a group called Helping Hands Japan. I will be photographing the International Group of Volunteers as they help with the recovery effort. They are really passionate people. They worked in Haiti and the Tsunami in Indonesia a few years ago.

At 41 I have learned  a lot about living but the most important thing I have learned in Japan is to be present at every moment in my life. Enjoy!

Fair and  Dream Festival at Kamaishi City... Bringing Hope and Love to the children!

Ostuchi City.... Rebuilding of City. People hard at work helping each other out as neighbors. I did not dare to ask who decided which house would be fixed first. I can only assume that it didn't matter. There is a team effort in all that the Japanese do. KIUNZA!

Kamaishi... An Army of Volunteers helping heal the city.

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