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Monday, September 12, 2011

Honoring the Victims of 3/11 and 9/11

Sunday was both a day of remembrance for Japan and of course for the United States. While the United States remembered the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, Japan remembered the 6 month anniversary of the March 11, earthquake that has changed, like 9/11, the lives of many people forever. 

I was in a city call Shinchi when the six month Marker occurred.  I was fortunate enough to participate and observe a festival dedicated to Cotton and the revival of the land.  A gentleman farmer, Mr. Meguro-San,with the support of a National News program Mezarmashi TV had devised a plan to plant cotton where there was once Rice. The cotton would absorb the sea salt that had entered the soil and would shorten the amount of time it would take before the land would be fertile enough to grow rice.

The festival began with a traditional ceremonial opening MC by a national newsperson name Yoko Shona.  Yoko introduced three famous Chefs known for their different style of unique cooking. The first chef Kamada, created an amazing rice dish, the chef in the center Yamada Hiro created meat and pasta dish, the last chef, Chef Yoroizuka, made and a heavenly dessert of Peaches, Wine, and Mousse.  After all of the local guests enjoyed the labors of their hard work, Yoko and the news staff the proceeded to award gifts to the locals and the children.

The Festival concluded with a prayer at 2:46PM to honor the dead and victims of the Tsunami.


SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CITY OF SHINCHI, Kouei Kadoya, Mr. Meguro, Nobuki Matsui, Yoko Shona, Kaori Mottate, Yoko Tamura, and Chef Kamada, Chef Yamada Hiro, and Chef Yoroizuka.

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