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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Please submit questions...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening...

I guess depending on where your reading this blog it can be anytime of day. Which makes me wonder, what is the actual time in space for Astronauts? Is there a Universal Time used in Space? Just a thought, Well I digress.

Since my return I have been asked many questions about my trip to Japan and the Tohuku area ranging from "How was it?" to "Did you like the Food?" to "Weren't you afraid of the radiation?" The questions got me thinking, why not do a series of Question and Answer blogs over the next few weeks in conjunction with a few pictures that I have taken.  It is four months before the launch of the International Exhibit in Los Angeles and Premiere of my Documentary in Tokyo (For those of you that didn't know, I accidentally  filmed a documentary and am in the process of completing it.)

So I am asking for all your help. Please email me your questions about my trip, Japan, the Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Crisis, etc. to . Please also include a name and location so I can give you credit. For my non-english speaking audience feel free to send the question in your original language and I will find a way to get it translated. I am hoping to start doing this as soon as possible which means the sooner you send the emails the quicker I begin to submit the answers on the blog.


Mark Paul

One of the last photographs of me taken in Japan with my friend from Japan and Germany
(From left to right)  Michael, Yamazaki-san, myself, Ayumi, Marcus, Matthieu
©2011 Mark Paul Photography

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