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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Spirit of Compassion the Spirit of Shumei and my first answer...

Good Morning all....

And thank you for all of your support and supporting what is going on in Japan. Yesterday as most of you know an earthquake occurred in Turkey of 7.2.  Please send your best wishes to the people and the region.

A lot of people are curious what I have been doing since my return from Japan.... Well, to be honest I don't know where my time has gone? All I know it feels like I have only been back two days even though it has been closer to 22.   No seriously, I've been busy working, taking meetings and preparing the Exhibition, Film, and keeping up with my photography work.

All I know is that 24 hours in a day is not enough but I am content with the progress of the project and will see it to it's end.

Sunday I was invited by two of my committee members Ron Helgesen and Masayo Sugimoto to the 19th Anniversary of the Shumei Center in Pasadena.  Shumei is a spiritual organization dedicated to the advancing of health, happiness, and harmony for all humankind though applying the insight of Mokichi Okada.

It was an amazing day full of  love, life, and laughter. I was honored to be surrounded by so many people full of grace including  my Mother, Amalia Baker Rosenblum.  Below are a few of the pictures from the event.  Enjoy. One last thing I should mention is that an amazing group called Makoto Taiko performed. If you have never seen Makoto Taiko I highly recommend clicking on the link and watch a few the video clips on their site on their gallery page. They are a talented group of young Musician Athletes (I say Athletes, because to keep their energy up they need to be in amazing shape.)

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